Sunday, April 1, 2012


Do you have Spring Fever?  I sure do, the grandboy and I went out and about yesterday and had a great pickin day

The blooms around here are so beautiful,

My first stop was at this new Collectibles & Antiques Shop call Flat Creek Pickers at 81 Weaverville HWY.
They just opened up this March and are the nicest girls.

                                            There was much to look at and a tailgate party to boot
             That table is divine, if my mama was still alive that would have been in the car she had a thing for tables, epecially marble topped.  Me, I have a chair fetish and my sister has a cabinet thing going on!
It is spring and these birdcages are fab!!

License plates are the best collectiblesNo, I did not buy this but did buy some driftwood from this dealer.  Driftwood only $5

Isn't this vanity sweet

Our next stop was at the Nursery.  The nicest couple own this and the view is beautiful, can't wait to show you what I bought here

 Of course we had to stop at the Screen Door and browse the antiques and bookstore...I could just take all this home with me and put in out in my stone path garden...maybe next time
 The visit here is never complete without a purchase from their bookstore, Ro scored with a book on the Dragon Master complete with a sword, jewels, ring and dragon much fun with my little Buddy.

I hope your Sunday is filled with Family, Joy and Blessings.

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  1. What a great day you had! Going pinkin and to the garden center. And with your Grandson! Perfect!

  2. Hi Diane, THanks you so much for the beautiful market tote. I love it! Yours is on its way to you. Wow we have very similar tastes. You'll see what I mean when you get yours. LOL Beautiful garden photos! Have a blessed Easter. Becs

  3. Thank you for sharing you day with us. What a wonderful way to make happy memories xo
    P.S. please check your email I sent oyu a note. :-)


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