Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Auction! Going Once, twice, sold...

Well, I went and did it!!  Yes I attended an auction and oh my goodness I bought redwood outdoor furniture....and wait for it...and an entire garage.  Oh my

  What you don't see is the other 2 pieces of redwood furniture and 2 metal floor to ceiling shelves... What do you think hubby's reaction was?


So here I was tired from hauling, cleaning, stocking and still knowing I had 2 to 3 more trips...
 but delighted that I found 2 bird baths, 2 humming bird feeders, 1 metal wind chimes, terracotta pots, hoses, wheelbarrel, enough plant food to use at the new house, a vintage suitcase, metal frame, leather portfolio, tools, soil, ground cover, gloves

                                                                   oil can, mister,
                                                        vintage sprinkler and sprinklers
                                                                   Wooden handle saws
                                                              Great metal pieces
      and the best what I thought I was bidding on 3 pieces of redwood furniture.

I also bid on 2 hats and a turkey platter that I brought home...a very good day but exhausting.  All bought for $60 for the "garage"; $20 for the hats and $50 for the platter!  Score.  A very good day in all.

See, no makeup...all sweated off!!  A little tired but ready to go again!!

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  1. I love auctions! It looks like you got some really good deals.

  2. I would call it the Mother Lode. I've got some super deals at auctions. Its the way I furnished my house when I first got married way back whenever. enJOYed seeing what you got.

  3. OH my goodness! I've never done an auction, but how cool to get all that great stuff in the garage. Did you know what was in it before you got it? I'm loving that little yellow twirly sprinkler on the left. We had that sprinkler when I was a kid. That makes me think of my dad. What cool stuff! Good luck placing it all. I hope your husband is easy going. Ha!

  4. I just started laughing at your first sentence! :) Oh my indeed! :)

  5. Ah ha ha. A whole garage. Sounds like something I would do. How fun, though. Love the hats and the platter is to die for. Fun! I am new follower!!!


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