Monday, September 3, 2012

Do Go Chasing Waterfalls...

Don't go chasing waterfalls baby is a song by Macy Gray and that's what I kept singing as we drove to Brevard, NC.  There are so many beautiful falls there but we picked Triple falls (that is were they filmed The Hunger Games).
We had to stop for breakfast and what a fun sign to start the day.  And do you see that beautiful molding.
                                             This is the path we walked to Triple Falls

                                                 It looks so calm at this end of the path
                         We paused quite a few time to admire the rocks
                                    The water started to foam and pool
                                                 Then we got a long range view

                                    We made it to the middle and played

                                                           Just Beautiful

                           We just had to touch the water and boy was it cold
                           Next we took off our shoes, it felt cold but good


                                                           Too much fun

                                                                            All smiles
                                                          Peaceful and beautiful
                                    Back in town was a quaint movie theater

                              This was a great clothes store "Theophilus"

It was time to go home

Paddy was tired 

                                             Until next adventure....
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  1. Your Brevard outing (which I've been to on my Asheville trip and love) looks as fun as my Asheville trip! I love Dolly's ice cream - did you stop there?

  2. Camp Run A Much...too funny!
    Thanks for sharing your wonderful photos!


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