Monday, September 24, 2012

I survived the move

Blue skies on moving day
A large front lot calling for us to call it home
Image a stone pathway

lovely long backyard

The back door family room (still showing the former persons dog carrier)

The front door with former persons stuff

Dining room...
So I have a lot of work to do
and yes after moving our furniture and boxes in
                            all week I had to get out and went shopping (looking)
I headed to Reunions, a great shop here in Asheville
Remember, I have a chair problem, so what did I get ... a oversized chair just right for the upstairs room in front of the fireplace (I think I can fit 2 grandkids right beside me!

I would have loved this as a coffee table, but I don't have room

Mirror for over the fireplace?  Too many pictures to place first

Do I have room for this free piano?

No, I don't but it was free at the Hospice Resale store

Of course i would have room for her, but couldn't afford this

This would look fab in my backyard

I have missed all my blog friends, sweet Katie from Katherines Corner sent me an email to check on me!  I'm alive but so much work to do.
Every room needs to be painted, decorated and revamped.
Oh, my...but it will be fun trying some new techniques.

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