Sunday, September 9, 2012

Tale of Two Chairs

Here's the Story of a lovely chair, she was going to be sold and so was her sister...

My sister-in-law was moving and we were selling her chairs at a store but no one wanted them, she said just give them away...well they just didn't want to leave me, so I took them home

Great hubby said, just what we need, more chairs.  we only have 40.
Now, to be fair to me he counted every chair, inside, outside, dining room and probably the folding chairs!
 But, I do have a thing for chairs.
                                                            Enter...Paris Grey by Anne Sloan

                                                                The detail craving is beautiful
                                                           So first Olde White
Then Paris Grey
So lovely, excuse the boxes since we are moving next week

My Next step will be to wax and then distress!

Until then and I find my camera, Safe travels,

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  1. Hello Di!
    I can't wait to see them finished! :)
    Thank you for sharing last week at My Monday Muse. I hope you join us this week to share more inspiration and perhaps find a little as well!


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