Tuesday, October 16, 2012

My Heart of the Home

                                                     The Heart of my Home

 The Heart of My Home is my Kitchen...when we saw the kitchen it was brown and had a sunflower border. I wanted a cheerful kitchen and to me brown was not it.  When we moved to Asheville we rented a cute cottage...now we have a home, I want it full of my favorite things.

Brown walls, Blue Ceiling and Sunflower Borders...cute but not my cup of tea

Lots of storage space

That color just didn't excited me

1.  Color :  I want creamy yellow
2.  Accents:  Blue and White, I'm that kind of girl
3.  Inspiration:  Mary Englebreit and Pinterest (my boards were full of white, blue and yellow)
 I started looking at the yellow paints and had about 20 paint strips, wanted a creamy yellow not bright...believe it or not I picked Provence Creme (I did not look at the name, I truely just picked...wink, wink)  by Benjamin Moore
Yellow and white refreshing

My tins and yellow ware collection, the perfect addition

I sure missed my favorite items

My favorites are the large spice tins from my mother's father (Pops) Indiana family farm.  Her cousin sent them to me after finding them in her attic!  My dad called the day they arrived and said "some junk arrived for you!".  I don't think he got my shabby, junk style!
Stay Tuned for my favorite items!!!
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