Thursday, December 13, 2012

Outdoor..Indoor and Giveaway

 Outdoor, Indoor and a Giveaway
Bringing in the outdoors is always refreshing and fragrant, I love the pine smell

Ice Skates
Front Door
Back Door



One for the office door

Beautiful Narcicus

                          Some Indoor Eye Candy coupled with fresh greens

 And of Course a fresh Christmas Tree

 And now for the giveaway  

We're Jammin'
"I love a good scone with jam, but thanks to savory herbs, these spreads are wonderful in a panini, with goat cheese, even as a glaze on ham or Cornish hens. The peach, pepper, and ginger is my favorite."—Oprah   

To enter please complete the following you will get an entry for each action
1.  Visit Sallie and leave a comment telling me what your   
      favorite item is 
2.  Follow Cottage Wishes Blog and leave a comment
3.  Visit Sallie's Greatest on Facebook and like, leave a 
4.  Pin it on Pinterest and leave me the link to your Pin with 
     your comment
5.  While you are at Pinterest follow one of my boards and leave another link and comment for another entry!
I will announce the winner next Friday at 8pm; Jams will come directly to you from Sallie!

This puts a smile on my face...enjoy Joining these wonderful festive ladies, Di,


  1. Not entering the giveaway (I love in Europe so I don't want to burden you with the shipping), but I did want to wish you a merry Christmas and congratulate you with your lovely Holiday home.

    1. Thank you Marianne! I have loved your series of decorating your home is beautiful. You are an inspiration and have given so much this year to improve our blogs, Merry Christmas, Di


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