Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Wonderful Mantels

My Bedroom Mantels
Yes they really aren't Mantel, but I am dressing them up like Mantels!  I found 3 beautiful busts
 I did try the boy and girl in my art room, not quite what I wanted....so I moved to my bedroom 
 They are really well with the Gent and Lady lamps, his side. her side.  So then I place the Madonna and child in the Art room...perfect
 The Guest room needed a little decorating too.  My santa that my Nana made back in the 60's so comforting to see it

                                                       Santa Claus is coming!!

 My Nana's sewing kit and wooden shoes nestled with the Santa bag I made.

                  The cottage bed all made up for a long winters sleep
And my last dresser mantel filled with my nurse collection and dressed with my Wonderful Life Poster and collections

                                    Until the next room,

The Lettered Cottage 


  1. What a fun post! I love that your decor has a story behind it. How wonderful that you have all the special pieces with memories. Love!

  2. Oh, I love all of your vignettes! Love that bed in your guest room!


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