Sunday, March 10, 2013

Dress Form Ball

Lucy is am going to the Ball, she got her invitation

 This is how Lucy started, she so wanted to be fabulous

At first, Lucy thought that she would go Cow Girl Chic
 But then, she gathered her lace, a little french script and pearls

Started dressing, layer after layer of creamy, white fabric

Her date added a corsage
She added her mother's necklace

Almost ready
From the back her bustle was fabulous

It might get cold so she added her fur collar
All dressed and ready to go
Just in case it's snowing, she changed to the fur jacket and hat

yes the little one wanted to come too!

Lucy is off to the Dress Form Ball at  DI, COME JOIN ME as we go to our favorite blogs  Join the fun here each Wednesday!

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  1. Lucy will be the belle-of-the-ball in her layered lace gown and elegant accessories. She is gorgeous.

    And . . . as her mother you can beam with pride.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. oh she looks ultra elegant. I am so glad she threw off her cow girl attire and opted to go so glam! Great job.

  3. Lucy is fabulous all decked out in her lace and fur. The younger ones always have to tag along. She's looking fancy too.

  4. Lucy looks wonderful, and I absolutely LOVE the pearls!! Oh, and can't forget the little one! She is just adorable too!.. Nice to meet you, Di, via The Dress Form Ball today! ~tina

  5. Lucy arrived at the ball just fine. I will say she was a little warm for the Florida weather, but took off her gorgeous mink and is now enjoying the sunshine! I will say a lot of the guest were admiring her gorgeous dress and could not stop talking about her strands of pearls!!! Just wanted you to know she is having a wonderful time and enjoying the ball. Thank you so much for attending, I promise to get her home safe, sound, and tired!!


  6. I love that you used doilies too! Perching her on those beautiful white suitcases makes her look grand. So glad we met at the ball!

  7. Lovely! The fur stoles are just beautiful!!!!! Thank you for stopping by!!


  8. Oh Di,
    Lucy looks fabulous. Love how elegant she looks with her furs. So nice to meet you.


  9. Lucy looks beautiful in her lace outfit and her little sister is such a pretty girl too. They both chatted with Maybel for a while and the girls had a lot of fun together.

  10. she's just beautiful wrapped in the laces and fur, di:) i just know lucy and the little one had a great day!

  11. Hi Di. Lucy just looked fabulous! And that came straight from Mabel's lips! She so enjoyed meeting her and just raved on and on about her bustle..Happy Tuesday..Judy

  12. Lucy is beautiful in her lace frock! Love the fur! Have fun, Diane

  13. Looks like you had fun getting her ready <3

  14. Lucy is stunning in her lace & pearls, very good choice for the Ball!

  15. Oh my goodness, Lucy looks beautiful. I like her cowgirl clothes, too - yeehaw!

  16. Oh this is such fun. The cow girl chic is fun but I am glad she saved it for the barn reception another time. Her lace and fur is perfection for Carol's elegant ball. And the little one tagging along...uber fun. Dancing the night away...

  17. Lucy in all her vintage cowgirl glory! She's spectacular! And wasn't this fun??

    Kelley of Kelley Highway

  18. Lucy is so elegant and so ready for the ball! Love her fur and pearls!! Coming over from Polka Dot Closet.


  19. Ooh! La! La!
    Love those pearls! and the fur wrap!!!
    Just fabulous!
    So glad she joined the ball.


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