Friday, March 8, 2013

Treasures to Share

 My Shopping Partners and I have been out scouting the area for you.  They usually have a few dollars to spend and found so great prizes themselves.

Ro found a magic set and Atti a game.  Each got a key from The Pink House (because they always charm the ladies there) and glittered eggs!
Finds under $5 dollars is not so hard some days, this past shopping expedition proved this point 

Beautiful family pictures

Sweet USA Pottery $3

Great cream white clocks!  One works...very industrial looking

This fun fixture for .50 cents

A cash box for .50 cents

A ricer and scale, must be a week for  kitchen items

Now this bench was over the $5 budget but still a deal at $23, I love the paint

50 cents to $1 at the Hospice resale shop

Last but not least to fun, rusty and crusty trucks which I am sure  my grandboys will want to keep!
I hope you have some junking fun this weekend

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  1. Oh, the photos! Oh, the cash box! Oh, the bench! Oh, what precious children - they deserve the trucks! I "oh-ed" all the way down the post. Great treasures hunting!

  2. Great finds! I just bought the exact same tin (in your pic, it's the lower left) today, and mentioned it in my thrift roundup on my blog! I was so happy to find it, bc I just sold a similar one and missed the pretty multicolored enameling.


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