Monday, April 22, 2013

Kitchen Brightner

It was a busy week and a busy weekend.  First, my thoughts were on Boston and Texas all week.  So much tragedy directed towards our people.  I am so thankful for our blessings.  I have been sick with a upper respiratory infection.  I would go to work and then home to sleep.  I was really ready for a beautiful weekend.  It is sunny here in Asheville, after rain and a drop in temperature it was a breezy sun filled weekend. 
 I am trying to decide if my spoon holder should stay blue our go to creamy white.  The blue just calls to be painted.  Of course, so does my cabinet sitting in the dining room!
 Another shot with the window open!  Of course the ceiling fan is yelling at me to remove it

 And to think it started with this crock.  I was at the estate sale and knew I must have this for my rolling pins.  Well, I knew where I wanted it but the counter was just not going to let it join the other collectibles.

 I have no clue what this pin is used for, please let me know if you hold that clue!  Anyway, you see the counter-top problem.  The oven just takes up to much space and we haven't used it since Christmas.
I love my working kitchen collectibles, bowls, scales and bread, cake tins

 And my yelloware bowls, cookbooks and my Mary Englebreiht cookie jar "Life is Just A Bowl of Cherries"

 Anyway, once I moved the oven and rearranged the counter underneath...I moved on.

 I recently found this cool box, it held seltzer bottles (I have kept 3) 3 for sale on my Etsy shop!
Oh and look what is above my collection of apothecary jars and tins

 Do you see where my mind is going, shouldn't I take those doors off!?
 I so love the counter!!

I am sure hubby is going to say go for think that could be my mother's day present?  Di

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  1. Good morning! You sound like me... going through the house and seeing changes that could be made. Updates to be done. Isn't that beauty of being creative souls? I say try taking the cupboard doors down and see if you like it. After all, they can always be put back up, right? Keep us posted on what you decide to do.. which projects you get done first!


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