Sunday, April 14, 2013

Spring at Biltmore

This is my shout out to Spring...So many pictures to share

 Biltmore in the Spring time is Lovely
The Tulips, the flowers, the colors

I Can't wait to see what this will look like
 Let's go look at the house, shall we...
thinking of spring at the Biltmore Estate was an excellent idea

We decided to explore the roof top!

The roof has beautiful aged cooper.  Can you see the flag and the roof metal has the crest with the initial GV (George Vanderbilt).  At one time there was gold leafing on those roof molding initials.  The roof tiles are hand cut slate, installed and numbered one by one!

the structure is made of Limestone and the statue added details were hand cut in place.  
We are on the stop of the house, the wind was blowing hard but we enjoyed every view
Just Magnificant
All the details were craved with the limestone in place.  Can you imagine the workers suspended craving these beautiful works of art?

The cooper dome is just beautiful

The conservatory below is protected with double panes, today they had the orchids inside blooming.

This is George Vanderbilts bedroom, this was his favorite view

This man did so much for our area and his forestry vision was way ahead of his time.  We are so lucky he and his family have preserved this for us to enjoy

Much love, Di
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  1. Oh Yes..Biltmore is one of our favorite places to visit when ever we head in the direction. But, we never had the chance to visit on the roof! Is that something new? We must go back to see Biltmore the way you is beautiful. Thanks for sharing and bringing my Biltmore memories back to life..

  2. Beautiful pictures! We love the Biltmore house and spring is the most beautiful!

  3. Breath taking! Love your picture (of you two ;-) so cute. I can hardly wait for the weather to warm up in my neck of the woods. Visiting from Masterpiece Mon. Have a great week!

  4. It is such a beautiful treasure. I've never been in the Spring. Your photos are great, and I learned some facts about the Biltmore that I didn't know. Love that hat you're holding in your hand. Enjoyed my virtual visit to the Biltmore. laurie

  5. Man-oh-man those photos are stunning! What a great photographer you are :-) Thanks for sharing them :-)
    big hugs,

  6. I love the Biltmore year round! I have season passes and try to visit often! Thanks for sharing these pics, now I want to take a road trip! Love it! Nicole from southerncharm!

  7. so pretty. We just visited Asheville and I wrote a blog about our visit. We didn't visit the Biltmore House this time but so much enjoyed the town and the Parkway..

  8. Its good that it is very easy to find a condo for rent in this beautiful Biltmore area.
    I too love Biltmore!!


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