Saturday, May 11, 2013

Sweet Journals

I created lovely journals for two dear friends who are the Mothers of Brides (MOB).

Remember Father of the Bride, Diane Keaton (yes, my hero) was the mother of the bride.

Both of my friends are wearing pink at their girls wedding!  In celebrating the wonderful weddings,
I had to remind them to enjoy the moment, treasure every step of the way, because as Sally Karioth states:
 Take time to unwrap your emotions and truly give into the day..the hours...the minutes of your little girls turning into a women .
 This journal is to write their feelings and record those thoughts of the journey of this day.

One wedding is today and one in two weeks.  I know they will have tears in their eyes and love in their hearts, I have been there, your little girl all grown up.  Much love to my friends and you!  Happy Mothers Day.  

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Boogieboard Cottage


  1. A lovely gift idea for MOB's. The journals are so beautiful. I am sure they will become keepsakes to preserve special memories.

  2. These journals are beautiful. What a sweet idea.


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