Thursday, June 20, 2013

Tools of the Trade

They have held herbs, mixtures and healing powders
 The colors are bold and the pattern beautiful

 These jars are newer but when we went to Salem-Winston, NC we went to old Salem and visited an Apothecary shop
 Now, these bottles are the real thing.  Can you image the healing power that were found through natural herbs?
 Now I am sure that it was hit and miss but in their time they were life savers

 Love these herbs
 The tools of the trade are so awesome
As a nurse it was so cool to see all the tools of the trade.  Di Ivy and Elephants Fine Craft Guild
 French Country Cottage Pearls and Lace Thursday

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  1. I don't know if they truly all worked or not, but I'm sure some of them did and I do wish we still did some medicinal needs the old fashioned way. What a great collection of vintage pharmacy necessities!

  2. I agree, it would probably be good if we used more of the natural remedies today! Love all the old apothecary jars.
    Mary Alice

  3. Some unique apothecary items that I'd love to display! I enjoy vintage glass bottles and my collection seems to be growing. Clear, amber, and green are some of my favorites to find, collect, and show-off!

  4. Love, love the old bottles...
    I have several old bottles that I have collected over time and most I have found at an old glass dump just up the beach from mine. The find was wonderful but not so good for the beach areas nearby. During very high water a few years ago the water undermined a steep bank where from years back was on old bottle dump. The water dragged the bottles into the water, yikees! We have spent a few years now cleaning up all the bottles and such and think we have gotten most of it now.
    Visiting from Common Ground.
    Thanks for sharing today.


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