Saturday, August 10, 2013

Time for Change

Sometimes life can throw you a curve ball, it matters how you face it and hit it out of the park.
The owners at the physician practice I work at have decided to make a change and go with a hospital system.  What does that mean in the real world? It means that I am being downsized and outsized. I am not going to get to go with the practice. That is very hard for me, I am usually the one to make those decisions but the hopsital system has administration, so I am not needed.  I know it is a business decision but it still hurts.

This was not something I wanted to face at my age, but when really is it a good time.  I look at my opportunties and will have to make a change.  Change is not always a bad thing, but really could I have some notice.  What, you say, notice... Life doesn't give you notice.  I have been through change before and know that it is a process.  I am looking at it as a time to reflect, what do I really want to do.  My family is here, I have everything I need and I will take this time to take care of myself. 

Thankfully, hubby has insurance options at his work and I will be covered.  With Rhematoid Arthritis, I have treatments every 6 weeks. 

Our challenges have been hard these past 5 years but God has always guided us.  I cry, moan and process things and turn to God.  He is my rock.  It is time to embrace my gifts.

So, I think I will look at this like an adventure in antiquing.  I will hunt and shift turn the jobs.  You know how you search for something and when you find it  you are so pleased.

So please grab my hand,  say a prayer, give me a hug and I will give you updates

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  1. I prayed for you, Di. Please enjoy the process all you can and keep us with you. :)

  2. Holding tight, sending hugs and prayers your way. As they say, one door closes etc. It's scary business change, but if you can, take a break, clear your mind and let the Creator lead you to where you are suppose to be. My husband and I were just discussing that very thing yesterday. Our lives have been full of peaks and valleys but it's never been dull. We will be married 50 years next June and we certainly have a lot to talk about. Sometimes an Adventure is just what we need. Blessings on you and your hunt. :)

  3. God Bless. He always has a plan, we just have to find it or be still until He shows us the way. I will keep you in prayer. Hugs, Marty Thanks for linking to Inspire Me. Hugs, Marty


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