Monday, October 14, 2013

Come on in

Yes, Come on in...the doors are unlocked
My arms are wide open to greet you          The day is full of glory and wonder

                                         His wonderful glory is all around us.  Come sit for a spell beside me and give Thanks for this day.

This is a beautiful church in Highlands NC
May Peace be with you as you go through the week
Let your light shine
Share your beauty
And your gifts

Have a blissful week, joining these sweet parties, Di
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  1. What a cute little church, I love to go to services in churches as I travel, that one reminds me of a little old church I went to in St Johns Island. Thank you for the gorgeous pictures and words


  2. Hello Di
    and Peace be with you too!!!
    I love the old statues and I would love to walk up the path and into that beautiful Church.
    Visiting fro Michelle's grey deys post.

  3. Hi Di!

    Wishing you a blessed Sunday.
    Your newest follower,
    Alison :)


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