Sunday, October 6, 2013

Fall Pumpkin Joy

It's Fall Ya'll
 Hubby went with me to enjoy the fall colors this weekend, I chose some pumpkins for a quick display which I will teach you!
 More pumpkins, the town of Highlands, NC was decorated up!

This was one big pumpkin in the town center
Have you been out and about and seen some flowers that were crying your name.  Well, I saw these beautiful hydrangea's in a beautiful color.  I mentioned to hubby I would love some of those.  He pulled right in the driveway of a dentist office up for rent and deadhead some.  They needed some care didn't they... 

 Well on to the pumpkin dress up!  I got some heirloom pumpkins

Some spray fixatif

 Spanish Moss and beautiful succulents

My assistant and I sprayed our petite pumpkins with the spray glue and added our moss

 Put the moss down and then start adding your succulents   It will not hurt to spray down the succulents, the idea is that the succulent will start to put down roots in the moss.  We added until we got the look we liked.  Hubby got an old piece of wood we picked up earlier this year and we nestled the pumpkins in the tray.

I Love the look, yes that is hubby in the picture at last halloween's fun day at the corn maze

 Grandson picked up these picks at the fun garden shop and I couldn't resist getting a heirloom bumpy green pumpkin!  I'll show you more tomorrow 

 My sweet peach pumpkin turned out great and looks wonderful in the family room, Oh I love Fall!

 Have some fun with succlents, they are a very hardy plant, and it makes such a fun project with your kids (and I am meaning me and the Hubby!!).  Have a great week...and don't forget my give away

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  1. Wow, this is all awesome! What a stellar idea to add moss and succulents to the pumpkins, and the witch legs are over the top cute!! Pinning!

  2. How beautiful and what a great idea to use all those succulents. Just beautiful!

  3. Love that you used succulents! Very cool idea!

  4. Really cute! I also love the idea of the succulents - it's perfect with the pumpkins!

    And thanks so much for linking to the Pumpkin Parade!

  5. these are so fun! i love the coloring of the pumpkins paired with the miss and succulents!

  6. Love seeing the orange color come through. Super fun!

  7. love your mossy pumpkins! And your pumpkin patch pictures are getting me excited about going to one with the kids this year :)

  8. I love the pairing of succulents and pumpkins. Adorable vignette!

  9. very cute vignette. Thanks for linking up to the pumpkin parade.


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