Saturday, October 26, 2013

Thankful Finds

Great finds are so much fun!  I found this bread box at an estate sale, I Anne Sloaned it with layers of Blue Gray and Olde White, then sanded and stenciled the outline of BREAD showing thru my sanding.  I love the farmhouse look.  
 When I was at my favorite shop "Screen Door", I found these buckets that just arrived.  Oh, I can just see my lavender in it!  And yes it is lovely
 The lavender was from Decor Steals and yes I love it.

The straw hat is so cool but I didn't get it 
Boo, I love this gauze ghost I found at a church sale!

Oh I want this tool chest bench!

These old tools are my favorite

This hand built farm house is a great structure, I wish I had room for this
These I found on the side of the road!  Yes hubby let me snag a few.  It was at a doctors office up for sale.  I just couldn't let them stay there unappreciated.

Here I muted the color and just love them with my cool workers apron

My straw hat that matches the look and yes I love it!!
My beautiful shelf is from Heather, I won this and love it!  I dress it up all the time.  Heather at Post Road Vintage and her hubby made this and I am so thankful for her.  She has a free digital magazine for us.
With all that said!  I am so Thankful, Blessed and Grateful for all the lovely comments and looks at my humble blog.  My winners of the banners are Pam Ballard (Thankful Banner) and Gloria Richards (Boo Banner).
Have a lovely weekend, Di
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  1. Oh I don't know if I could have been strong enough to say no to all that goodness. Love your purchases. That farm though is my favorite!

    Have a happy Halloween week! :)

  2. Thanks so so much for my win on the thankful banner. So so blessed. Truly~ Sent you an email. Thanks again. Pam

  3. Di,
    What wonderful finds you have! I love it all just as you do! In addition to all the things you mentioned, I really love the candle sticks on your table that we can only see a little bit of. I love your table runner, I love your straw hat, I love your paint job and stenciling on your bread box and I love your white buckets.
    That handmade barn.....well that is just amazing! I wonder if it was used as a pet home....??? We live on a farm, and I decorate in a different style. But all your items are things that warm my heart. They remind me of my Grandfather's house when I was little and my Aunt's house all the years they owned and worked a dairy. I love that old farmhouse look too, and you do it so well!
    have a great day, Thanks for visiting my blog!
    Hugs to your heart,

  4. Oh I am in love with the vintage bucket filled with still my heart and thanks so much for sharing! tons of hugs...


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