Monday, November 11, 2013

Veteran's Day

Veterans Day Remembrance, Thank you all veterans.  Growing up an army brat, I don't think I really thought of the brave acts my dad performed.  It was not until I started researching our roots did I realize how my family served this country.   My mom, an army wife worked for the government and had a patent on a typing template.  Both sides of the family fought for this country since the beginning of this nation.

My dad serve in the Korea War and World War II, he stayed in the Army until he retired during Vietnam.  He is my hero.  He presented one of his medals to my grandson right before he passed away.
 Yes, this little boy is growing up and honors his Pops' memory.  He wore his uniform all Memorial Day and told people how his great grandfather gave him this medal!

 My dad and his 8 brothers serve in World War I and II

 My ancestor Dr. William Dawes rode for America with Paul Revere alerting "The British are coming"

 A Salute to all our veterans  we will always honor and remember you, your legend lives on.
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  1. I'm a proud Marine Brat! My Dad passed away a few years ago but he is and always will be my hero!


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