Thursday, December 19, 2013

Unwrapping Christmas Memories

Unwrapping Christmas Memories makes me very sentimental during the holidays.
This beautiful perfume bottle was my grandmothers.  I always loved it sitting on her dresser.  Not only does it display the manger scene but it is also Cobalt Blue and has Paris France on it!!  At the top Mary graces us with her presence.  My grandpops gave it to her over 70 years ago.

I love to decorate my bedroom too.  I made a banner of red and white Christmas fabrics to give me visions of sugar plums.  I also have a small tree in my bedroom and this sweet tinsel tree brightens my day.  
I remember our girls waiting for Santa after singing on Christmas Eve at church.  One of the sweetest Memories was my little 3 year old raising her candle up.  I believe she almost lit up the person in front!  Thankfully I was watching her carefully, she turned around to look at the rest of the congregation and went oh mommy, look we are all ready for Santa!  You see every year we went with my parents to look at lights and they would say " Look they're ready" when a house was all lit up.  To this day I get a tear when I see a house all lit up, I feel my sweet parents presence.

 I decorate with touches of both family ornaments, Santa s, clocks and stockings.  My aunt made all of our stockings one year and cross stitched special Christmas pictures for us!
This stocking is over 50 years old, it belongs to hubby and the Santa is sitting on my great grandmother's bench that was lovingly refinished and seat replaced by my parents.  A sweet present for me.
 I have Santa's given to me by family or collected.  This Santa with the bell was made by my grandmother.  I remember watching her as she applied each layer.  We stayed with her while my dad was in Germany.  One of my favorite Christmas' was waking up and seeing the tree after Santa visited!!  Oh, my I can still remember the jewlry making kit, skates, toys and yes a doll has tall as me from my daddy.  She walked when I led her.  I was one spoiled girl that year!

I pair my Santa's with my stockings and treasured ornanments

 Unwrapping my memories was prompted by Destiny USA (visit at  They started a holiday campaign called Unwrap Your Memories.  They are going to pick their favorite post and feature them on their Pinterest Board.

And now I get to share these great traditions with my grand-boys.  We unwrapped all the ornaments, Santa's snow globes and old toys.  I told them the stories, I don't know if they got it all but we sure had fun.  We stayed in our jammies until 2 pm!  The five year old said "Granin, there are trees and many Santa's in every room!  Yeah, I think they got it.

 From our house to your house....Merry Christmas

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  1. Lovely post. Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year to You and yours.


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