Saturday, May 24, 2014


Celebrate our veterns.  My family has been in service since they arrived to America.  As I go through our history, I see a relative that fought for this country.  I am so proud of my heritage and the men and women that serve to keep us free.

I am on a MISSION!  We are downsizing again.
 Property came available near our daughter.  We will have it buildt and are going to 1500 square feet.  It is just what we need, a one story, laundry in the house, wood floors and a beautiful screen porch.
 Now the task of going through and weeding out.  I have a whole basement full of boxes from our family and some of it is hard to let go of but I will.  I do want my girls not to go through what I had to with my mom and sister in law.

 Have a blessed Memorial Day and thank you veterns for your service to us.  Di
 Joining these lovely ladies, have a great day, Di


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Monday, May 19, 2014

Serene Bedroom Guest Post from Alice

As you know I recently finished my guest room and a few months painted my master bedroom.  I didn't know we were going to soon list our house.  So I wanted a few tips to make these bedrooms sing.  I met Alice, and I am so glad I did.  Let me introduce you:

Hi I am Alice and I am crazy for home decor and interior designing. Please catch me here 
12 Miraculous Ways to Achieve a Serene Bedroom (with bed linens and more)
Your bedroom should ooze peace and tranquillity, helping you to get a proper rest every night, but also smoothing the transition from work to home life. Here is how to transform your room into the perfect bower of serenity.
Soothing Colours
Choose a restful and soothing palette for your bedroom, even if you have a deep and abiding love for all things bright and cheery! As a rule of the thumb, pick colours from the same half of the colour wheel or even use two or three shades of the same colour for a truly harmonious ambiance.

Comforting Bed Linen
The importance of having bedding that feels great may seem so obvious that it barely warrants mentioning, but many people get so carried away with the look and appearance of their d?cor that sometimes their own comfort can fall low on the list of priorities. Choose fabrics that feel good under your skin, and perhaps even go a step further and opt for easy-care fabrics that will not crease up causing difficulty when being ironed and discomfort while being slept on.

Throws and Cushions
Cushions and throws are incredibly useful d?cor tools, able to add comfort, welcome, texture and interest to a bedroom with their simple presence! Purchase (or make) a wide selection of cushion covers and throws ranging from rural simplicity to luxurious hedonism so that you can easily adapt your bedroom?s d?cor, depending on your mood. I always grab throws and cushions from Yorkshire Linen because they have a zillion options to choose from!
 Peaceful Art
Decorate your walls with works of art that appeal to you. Gentle rolling landscapes, cute animal pictures and even family photographs all work well to set the scene in your bedroom, creating a wonderfully welcoming and beautiful background for your rest and relaxation.
 Serene Minimalism
Often what makes d?cor look busy and disruptive is clutter. Avoid this problem in your bedroom by adopting a minimalist d?cor approach. Insist on surfaces being left clear at all times, have an unblemished expanse of floor space, softened only by one or two cushions on the bed, and you will feel the tensions of the day melt away as soon as you enter this uncluttered and welcoming space.
 Plush Touch of Luxury
Indulge yourself in the bedroom! Buy one or two expensive and good quality items to add some much needed opulence into the bedroom. You can pick something like silk sheets or an exquisite vase for your flowers ? whatever you choose should matter to you and make you feel special and cosseted.
Good Night (stand!)
Allow enough space for a generously proportioned nightstand next to the bed. As well as providing somewhere for you to keep your phone, handbag and the book that you read every night to help you nod off, your bedside cupboard gives you somewhere private to keep personal items, treasured photos and even any medication that needs to be taken daily. Tuck items away in a drawer so that there is no cluttered heap to distract you at bedtime.
I believe in having fresh cut flowers in my bedroom as often as possible. If your partner gives them to you so much the better, but even flowers that you have bought or picked for yourself work well to release a wonderful natural fragrance and fill the bedroom with beauty and charm. Serenata Flowers are my favorite, such fresh flowers! 
Good Lighting
Good lighting is important in any room, but the bedroom has slightly different demands. You should be able to have bright, clear lighting when changing the bedding and cleaning, while still being able to have a much dimmer, gentle light for when you are getting ready for bed. You can opt for dimmer switches if you like, or you can ?layer? the light in and around the room with a series of lamps and side lights as well as the main, overhead light.
Snug Rug!
Invest in a small bedside rug that boasts soft, warm nap. This will give you peace of mind in winter, and reassurance that your cosy feet will not be faced with the nasty cold floor as you grope, half-asleep, for your slippers in the morning!
 Take a Seat
The addition of even a very small chair (or even a small sofa if you have the room) to your room adds a certain soothing something. Not only does it provide something to sit upon or temporarily pop your clothes while choosing your outfit, it helps to finish off the d?cor scheme and can enhance and complete the look and feel of the room as a whole.
It?s All About YOU
Personalise your bedroom, by putting up pictures and photographs of your family and friends, picking your favourite colour scheme and generally stamping your personality all over the room! A room copied from a magazine will never feel as good as a room designed by you, for you! 

Thank you Alice, now lets see what I can add to my rooms!

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Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Cottage Bedroom

I changed up my guest room finally

My Cottage Bedroom set drove the style for this room.  The walls were a olive brown!  Oh my, all the rooms of our hourse were that color.

I had to Kiltz the walls again!  And apply two coats of Cotton Balls Benjamin Moore paint

I have my favorite collections from my mom and grandmom in here.  Clock from my mom and vases from my grandmom.  This lovely bench from my greatgrandmother (my mom and dad put the seat cover on).

My Gone with the Wind lamp sitting of this sweet chest.

A sweet cradle filled with my girls toys (30 plus years of love).
My nurse collection 

My sweet dresser and newly painted clothes butler for my hubby.  I painted it with Annie Sloan paints to match the bedroom set.
My lane chest painted with Annie Sloan paint and stenciled with a heart!!

I am loving this room with the soft whites and my Cottage Bedroom Set.  My grandboys love spending the night in this room!

I still have some pictures to hang but will save that for a later day!

 Joining these lovely ladies, have a great day, Di


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