Saturday, May 24, 2014


Celebrate our veterns.  My family has been in service since they arrived to America.  As I go through our history, I see a relative that fought for this country.  I am so proud of my heritage and the men and women that serve to keep us free.

I am on a MISSION!  We are downsizing again.
 Property came available near our daughter.  We will have it buildt and are going to 1500 square feet.  It is just what we need, a one story, laundry in the house, wood floors and a beautiful screen porch.
 Now the task of going through and weeding out.  I have a whole basement full of boxes from our family and some of it is hard to let go of but I will.  I do want my girls not to go through what I had to with my mom and sister in law.

 Have a blessed Memorial Day and thank you veterns for your service to us.  Di
 Joining these lovely ladies, have a great day, Di


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  1. Congratulations. We are thinking of doing the same. From 3,000 to 1,100 sq. feet. But we have to sell our home first. So excited but so much work ahead. Good luck.

  2. Hi Di, it's Susanne from No108bellavista.....we just decided to make a move also....and I am determined to declutter with a vengeance!! I must go through every room and majorly purge....we have a few months so you are not ALONE friend!!!! Let's do it together. I refuse to continue to HOLD stuff I really don't need or will o-n-e d-a-y use.....Let's live simple!!! It will be Freeing!!!!!!

  3. Hi Di, I enjoyed your post at Junk Chic Cottage today...and I love this post! I'm trying to scale back, too. It is hard! I'm counting on the simpler "after" and thinking ahead for my kids, too. All the best on your new home - it sounds wonderful. A screened porch is on my wish list, too. Looks like you got your cottage wishes!


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