Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Fall Beach Time

A sweet stroll down memory lane at the beach this weekend.This sweet church, Pawleys Island Chapel, is the smallest church on Pawleys Island.  My husband's cousins daughter was married here.

 This weekend another cousins daughter was married.  Both of these girls were in my daughters wedding.  I can't believe our girls are all grown up.  Funny how that happens.
My family has spent a lot of time traveling to 
Pawleys.  I learned so much from them.
Their homes have always been open to us.  

We have been through the tides of change with them by our side.

As our family ages we see many of our love ones pass away, reminding us of lifes' journey.  We spent some time with our aunt who has Alzhemiers.  She taught me not to take life so seriously and to let yourself have silly moments.  Like jumpling into the tide water with your clothes on!

This is The Pelican Inn, one of the orginal 1860's Island Homes

 It was a gray day but it didn't stop us from enjoying the views.
Come sit a spell and breathe the salt air.  What are your favorite family moments?
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