Thursday, December 4, 2014

Shopping in Marshall

We did a little Christmas shopping in the town of Marshall

 Come on in to a sweet shop we found a Main Street...Flow
The shop was dressed for Christmas
Isn't this wonderful for the holiday's

The art work was beautiful

 But the woven linens were the best...miles of handwoven goodness

 A window in to a wonderful shop in Marshall...
A few gifts bought here for my family
..Di  Joining
Christmas Posts Are Welcome! TIGfinal

Rooted In Thyme


  1. Thank you Lady Di, for taking the time to share your time with me and my new French theatre.
    Your words and visit are welcomed to what inspires me and why I blog.
    Love your Marshall historic town, how wonderful the brick and mortar shop is and as for your woven throw love, I am hearing you loud and clear....I am not sure I could have left the shop with out a throw going with me.

    I am looking forward to more that inspires you, so I turn it inspires me.

    See you soon. I am a follower of you.


  2. Good morning, Di ~
    That dress is exquisite! And the note with it just made it all the better.

    A lovely shopping trip indeed!

    Have a great weekend,

  3. We were in Marshall last summer and I was amazed at how pretty all the shop windows were. We didn't have time to shop that day but I took photos! I would love to go back when we have all day to spend! Hugs!

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