Saturday, February 21, 2015

Sunday joy

Photo galleries are so much fun. We had breakfast at one of our favorite places and saw the cutest picture.   This drawing made us smile

Drawn by a 7 year old. The sunshine and clouds made us happy and yes it was free. 

I collect beautiful things for my house and beautiful memories for my mind. 
 These are beautiful angels
 And this is my partner in crime on our Sunday breakfast run. 
 I hope this Sunday fills you with joy

Movies I love

With the weather outside so windy and cold and a pot of chicken and dumplings simmering I am in the mood to watch my favorite movies.
 Baby boom with Diane Keaton is my all time feel good movie. 
I think my sweet little grand baby is as sweet as the baby here. Last Sunday we snuggled after playing with Legos and watching the Lego movie. 
My next favorite is Practical Magic. Two of my favorite stars
I love this kitchen set. I love the creamy white
I also love the saying at the end of the movie. 
Always Throw salt over your left shoulder
Keep rosemary by your garden gate
Plant lavender for luck
And fall in love whenever you can. 

So on this very cold night find your favorite movie and snuggle with your favorite person. Share your fav movie


Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love sweet love

I love handworked pieces. Just knowing that someone spent time on this and thought about making something special touches my heart. 
 Sentimental pieces from the past remind me of times past 
my parents refinish this sweet bench 
that was my great grandmothers

I love repurposing bits into new pieces

 Of course vintage calendars touch 
my heart

 And vintage fabrics make my heart litter patter

 Memories of my sweet parent brings a swell of love to my heart

 I always wonder what touches people's hearts at Valentine's Day

 Last year I made some special plaques with place cards and tins

What brings love in your heart

May your day be filled with love

Have a wondrous day. Di

Sunday, February 8, 2015


I am sitting on a Sunday working on my computer. Some of my pictures have disappeared on the blog. Oh goodness I can't believe how hard this is. So now I am going to try a least a post because I needed a mental break.
Some of my favorite loves in my life gave me incredible gifts. My mom gave me this beautiful Victorian chair.  I would love to recover it but maybe later

Love present 2 are the sweet puppies from hubby. We went to get one but walked away with two

Of course my favorite is hubby. A gift from God. He is one of the kindest people I know. Always supportive. 

My gift of creativity is my gift to myself. I enjoy taking pieces and bits and fitting them together. 

My grandsons are a sweet gift from my daughters

The gift of friendships is always treasured

Beauty shared on our blog helps to lift my spirits 

And beauty in the world opens my eyes to the talents in myself and others

I hope your Sunday is full of joy  Di