Saturday, February 14, 2015

Love sweet love

I love handworked pieces. Just knowing that someone spent time on this and thought about making something special touches my heart. 
 Sentimental pieces from the past remind me of times past 
my parents refinish this sweet bench 
that was my great grandmothers

I love repurposing bits into new pieces

 Of course vintage calendars touch 
my heart

 And vintage fabrics make my heart litter patter

 Memories of my sweet parent brings a swell of love to my heart

 I always wonder what touches people's hearts at Valentine's Day

 Last year I made some special plaques with place cards and tins

What brings love in your heart

May your day be filled with love

Have a wondrous day. Di


  1. Isn't that beaded purse fabulous! I love antique bags! Hugs!

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