Friday, May 29, 2015

Garden days

Gardening in a new area is so fulfilling.  My daughter brought my moms stoneware Ice Tea crock to North Carolina with her. Since it was broken I repurposed it into a planter. 
 I placed a strawberry plant in it and placed it on top of a vintage  garden cage. Every time I look at it I am reminded of the wonderful times drinking teawith my parents. 
 This is my concrete planter my hubby carried from Florida to here. I am starting my 5th season of hens and chicks in this. They remind me of my nana.  Don't you find the best memories in the garden?

 Now, we are starting the front of the house with peonies 
 Hubby started mulching today. The best plan is to get a truck load delivered. It saves on hauling, gas and time. Now we have a mountain. 
 One wheel barrel at a time!
I love architectural pieces. I have a cooper tub I want to turn into a fountain. 
 I am working on the herb garden next. stay tuned. More work tomorrow. Di


  1. I love your unique planters! Hope you're having a good week to work outside! Sweet hugs, Diane

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