Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Linen loved

 Do you love feed sacks like I do?  Not only was this a feed sack but it is blue and white!
 It has age, color and it was only $5. There is a repair that made my heart potter patter. 
 Isn't that just awesome?

Of course I just happened to hunt for one feed sack in particular...one with my maiden name. I saw one at a shop that was made into pillows. The pillows were $250 for the pair. Not in my budget!  Every once in awhile I will search on EBay and I found these, not one but two. 

 I put it in a vintage frame and am a very happy camper. 
 I took these sacks and made pillows for the porch. They are so comfortable. 
 My best project was finishing my chairs with sacks I collected. I painted the chairs with olde white and put Paris Grey on top. I then sanded and waxed with dark and clear. My good friend upholstered them. 
  I love my linens. I can't decide what to do with my new linens. Sharing with some fun blogs.  Di

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Monday, June 29, 2015

Lights in my house

IMy lights have travelled with me from Florida to the first house in North Carolina and now in our new house. Hopefully that was the last move!

 I found this crystal beauty at one of my favorites, Halley's Antique Mall in Maitland Florida. Kay has retired, but back in the day this was my favorite go to place. This chandelier is from Spain. 
 This sweet light is from my ne
w favorite, The Pink House. Sherry retired it and it has travelled from house 1 in Asheville.
 This fancy lamp shade came from Round Top via my College Park friend.  I love the silk and lace.  I added the bling.

 My desk lamp is a retro light painted turquoise. I love it
 My best friend found this wedding cake chancy for me. It also has traveled from Florida 
  The entry way houses this Hospice resale light. I got this for $15 and painted it Old White. 
 This bottle was transformed with a painted bee and crown by my friend Sherry
 So as I share my wonderful lights I leave you with a view of my desk

Have a good Monday...Di


Wednesday, June 3, 2015

gather with Family and friends

Now that we have moved in I am back to creating. I found a lazy Susan at our local Hospice resale store. It was only $8 and perfect for our farm table.
I painted it Paris Grey and Emperor Red

my thought was to sand it and the red would show thru but I really love the Paris Grey
I then took my stencil and used Old White to capture my design
family and friends gather here
the colors blend beautifully with my blues and whites

Now ready for Family and Friends 


Till next time. Di@cottage-wishes

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