Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Come visit Saluda

Come visit Saluda, NC. It's a small town but full of charm
The Main Street is awesome and the Pace Store is over 100 years old
Love the charm of these screen doors

Our 41st wedding Anniversary started in Saluda with lunch
A walk around town to view the pretty buildings and plants

On the way back home we stopped at Burntshirt Vineyards
I loved the repurposed wine bottles
We brought several bottles back to start our bottle art
It was so relaxing to sit outside and enjoy the breeze
The colors and view was amazing
Cute little out building
Loved the water barrel crows
And the day with my honey was wonderful 

Hope your week is great, Di

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Lake walking

A busy Sunday is wonderfully exhausting. I have my family, almost all, here visiting. My nieces and grandsons are all together at my house. We decided after a good breakfast of pancakes we would venture for a walk.  We went to Beaver Lake. 
a clear reflection of the clouds and sky in the lake

the canoes stacked waiting for a jaunt on the lake
paths clear for sharing a walk
Looking at beautiful  houses
Helping each other to conquer new heights

A porch to rest your weary feet

A glance around the neighborhood revealed great views

 I hope your week is filled with sunshine and joy


Monday, July 13, 2015

Muted colors

Soft muted colors make me smile
In my mind I envision softness, calmness and joy when I walk into a soft color room
In my bedroom I have creamy white. The touch of these peachy roses makes me smile. 
My french linen lamp shade with the marble lamp is one of my favorite things in my bedroom. I remember when I walked into the shop and saw it. I loved the pattern on the shade and it came home with me. 
I brought that calmness to my porch in creamy natural curtains and in my pillows. 

Of course, ironstone, vintage and worn always brings me J O Y!  This almost parchment color has that earthiness that makes me sigh. My vintage plant pressings add that earthiness too. 

I found these two bears at The Asheville Flea you'll. they had to come home with me. I imagine a child snuggling with these soft cuddly bears. And the fact that they are not perfect makes them more special. 
I love the fact that they were dressed in sweet white shifts. 
My silk lamp shade came from Round Top via Marcia from A Secret Garden in Mount Dora Florida. 

And just think all these wonderful memories lifted by those sweet roses

What makes you remember the sweet colors in your life?  Di





Saturday, July 11, 2015

My farmhouse kitchen

 Our kitchen came out of our hearts. In planning our house hubby said he wasn't going to plan anything but the appliances!

 So, I went about planning and dreaming. I looked at all my blogging friends kitchens, wendy thru my wish list and watched Joanna and Chip on Fixer Upper.   And so my planning started coming together, hubby went to Lowes and watched all the Fixer Upper shows. And you know what, he did have an opinion!  

 We went with stainless appliances, creamy white cabinets and black granite counters. Had to have my subway tile, with gray grout (thank you Joanna).  We opted for hand scrapped bamboo floors throughout the house. With hubby's background in fooring and appliances, I had that part made. 

  My sink view is beautiful, right now we are working on the yard. My sweet collection of ironstone pitchers got the prize spot. I worked hard to get that shelf and light. The contractor wanted to put a fluorescent undercounted light. I didn't like that. 

 My coffee center is perfectly placed. My ironstone Sugar Bowls, silver and cobalt add a soft touch. 

 I think part of the kitchen that makes it my farmhouse look is my tin collection. I have been collecting tin for a bit. My favorite pieces made it into the kitchen

My French Enamel pieces had that punch of color I like. I found a 50's wood breadbox and painted it with Paris Grey, Annne Sloane and stenciled it.

A dark view of the yard that we are working on. Oh my tired arms. 
This side of the kitchen is my prep center and counter for family and guests to sit. I added the rest of my ironstone pitchers and tins above to highlight the ceilings.

I enjoy standing here prepping while hubby and son in law cook. I Have my cookbooks scatter around the house and we had the bookshelf added at the end of the counter. I have a few more ironstone molds here. 
A great place to look right into the great room and look out into the porch. Can't wait to open the doors for cooler fresh air. My lake racing boat came from a local antique store, The screen Door. The Pottery Barn hanging lamps go with the other lights I picked. I opted to source my own lights for the house since I already had quite a few special ones. The sitting area chandelier came from The Pink House. A lovely shop in Asheville/Weaverville area. 
 I love having a bar area where friends and family can sit

More of my tin collection and my basket from hubby's great Uncle's Farmhouse in Linville Falls. Uncle Pat would take me around the mountains to pick up pieces. He was the one to foster my junking heart. The blue chippy egg basket reminds me that a city girl can be a Farmgirl with just a little dirt!

My spice tins are from my grand pops farm in Indiana, where he grew up after the family immigrated from Prussia. They started my love for tin. My moms cousin sent them to me via my parents. My sweet dad called me and with his sternest voice said " some junk arrived for you today". All joking aside it really made my day. 
My love of a pop of red is displayed here. Mary Englbreit's " life is just a chair of Bowlies". Makes me giggle. I love collecting small bowls, yelloware bowls and yes just bowls!
Come sit awhile and I will share some recipes with you. We opted to place a sitting area here instead of a table. The dining room is very near by. The family calls this chair the big chair. I call it my reading chair. 
 I added my ironstone platters and botanical hangings. I found these locally and live the calming creamy feeling it evokes. I like pieces that have a story and show their age. 

I hope you enjoyed my farmhouse kitchen tour
Joining some lovely ladies,  hop along. Di

Natasha in Oz
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