Monday, July 13, 2015

Muted colors

Soft muted colors make me smile
In my mind I envision softness, calmness and joy when I walk into a soft color room
In my bedroom I have creamy white. The touch of these peachy roses makes me smile. 
My french linen lamp shade with the marble lamp is one of my favorite things in my bedroom. I remember when I walked into the shop and saw it. I loved the pattern on the shade and it came home with me. 
I brought that calmness to my porch in creamy natural curtains and in my pillows. 

Of course, ironstone, vintage and worn always brings me J O Y!  This almost parchment color has that earthiness that makes me sigh. My vintage plant pressings add that earthiness too. 

I found these two bears at The Asheville Flea you'll. they had to come home with me. I imagine a child snuggling with these soft cuddly bears. And the fact that they are not perfect makes them more special. 
I love the fact that they were dressed in sweet white shifts. 
My silk lamp shade came from Round Top via Marcia from A Secret Garden in Mount Dora Florida. 

And just think all these wonderful memories lifted by those sweet roses

What makes you remember the sweet colors in your life?  Di



  1. AAAAAH! I agree - peaceful, serene, and relaxing come to mind when I see things like these. So pretty! I would love for you to share at my linky party (went live last night).

    Have a wonderful week!

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