Sunday, August 23, 2015

Closet Dreaming

Closet Dreams

Closets, dream closets, yes I know I just moved into a new house. But really, a girl can dream. I wanted a walk in closet and I did get one. It is small and I didn't get the built ins I wanted. But now I can plan for hubby to build for me. So, I took a little dream trip. 

Of course, I have to start with our girl Carrie. The dream closet of my dreams.

Sex and the City 2 Closet traditional-closet My hubby would love this closet.
Closet traditional-closet
Of course, a beautiful light in my closet would be wonderful

Contemporary Closet contemporary-closet

Contemporary Closet contemporary-closetThe shoes are a dream. Arranged by color and type. Be still my heart. 
"Old Town" Sausalito, CA transitional-closetOf course, this closet would be my choice.   All white, calm and leading to a beautiful bathroom. My closet is not as large but I am loving it. A place for purses, hats and art!

I have my scarves ready at the front and clothes in sections. Where is hubby's?
Oh here they are!
What I love the most is its right in the beautiful bedroom.

I may not have the biggest closet but a girl can dream. Hope you week is great. What are your closet dreams. Di




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