Monday, September 7, 2015

Soft colors of the mountains

The soft colors of fall crept in this weekend at my sister's house. I decided to snap a few pictures of found items we both had.   Beautiful boots from one of the great aunts. The softness of the vintage leather and the laces make my heart litter patter. 
 A riding helmet of soft velvet...yum. 
And the muted grays from a world War 1 picture, not only speaks to my senses but to my patriotic heart. 
The lounger we are working on was the perfect place for me to place my items. Of course the muted shades of the background was perfect. The fog was rolling off the mountains. 

Of course, that's why they call them the "Smokies", said my hubby.

Once I assembled everything, I moved them one by one until my eye captured the look I wanted. 

I added my finishing touches of vintage banners and was very pleased to capture a by gone era. 

I hope your muted colors bring sweet memories of joy to your Heart, Di


  1. Hello Diane

    What lovely pieces you have shown us today - those beautiful boots from your Aunt, what treasures.
    The photo of the soldiers is so poignant and tells us of hard times past and the brave men who fought for our countries.

    Lovely to meet up at Wendy's party.

    Shane x

  2. Hello Diane, I love those amazing boots. They must take ages to thread the laces. I wonder what they wore with them. Thanks for showing us your treasures.

  3. What lovely findings. I always love to see pieces from the past and your mountains are SO beautiful. Simply breathtaking. Thank you and have a wonderful day.



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