Monday, October 5, 2015

Fall decorating

BOO!  I am now ready for fall. It rained all week and hopefully it will now be sunshine and cool. I hope my friends in South Carolina are okay. They received the waters from the hurricane.  I found my favorite items and unpacked them for the new home. 
My gourd pumpkin is from one of my favorite shops, Cranberry Corners in Winter Park, Florida. I made the BOO banner and the Americana sign is from a fall swap last year at 

 The entryway is looking welcoming.  

I added my ladder and some of my favorite linens. The yellow/gold quilt was in my daughter's room as a child. My grandson placed the little pumpkins on the bookcase. He has a very good eye. The white bucket was my recent birthday present. 
I added one more banner.  I am so very "THANKFUL" to be steps away from our two grandboys.  


  1. I love your decorations! You have inspired me to get started!!

  2. so many wonderful things to look at! A real feast for the eyes. Thank you for sharing..

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  4. Your 'Thankful' banner is gorgeous. A lovely selection of roosters and quilts. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Wonderful decor!! I love to see what others are doing to add seasonal touches
    to their home! So many pretty posts here!
    Thank you for sharing~

  6. You have beautiful fall decorations Di, I love the collection of shells, so beautiful! xx

  7. Yes, all such pretty autumn decorations, Especially love those quilts :)


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