Sunday, December 27, 2015

Holiday cleaning

With gifts shared, food eaten and hubby back at work, I finally cleaned the garage. After the Holiday Flea, I just had hubby stack it in.  Then the Christmas decorations were there, glaring at me. So I started sorting my pretties first. 
This beautiful bronze dresser set was on my dresser for years. 
These sweet French lights are ready to hang. I no longer have a place for them. I was going to put it in our new bathroom but they didn't go. 
I am not sure this will make it to the etsy shop. I may just have a place for it!
This set came from a local household v it is a treasure from Victorian times. See the hair collector jar. 
A beautiful set of Limones platters (set of 3).  I may still hang these but they are very heavy

I bought this for our laundry room. It does not fit. So sad!!  But it is a beauty

Day 2 in the garage is up today. What is on your mind to do today?


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