Sunday, March 20, 2016

Spring Planting

I found the perfect container to make my terranium.   A vintage one to boot
  I gathered my plants from Roses Garden Shop

 I even gathered some cute gnomes and this great tree stump vase. I hunted for some sticks with that beautiful moss on it. Sweet Rose let me get it from her shop grounds. 
 I got some advice a the shop and started with some natural stones, soil, activated charcoal and moss

 First lay your stones

 Follow with the aclivated charcoal   I then added the soil and started putting in my plants and goodies. 

  It turned out just how I imagined 
 A view from the top

 I believe my garden gnome works while I am not looking

 His friend is watering via the self supporting terranium rain system

  Sitting on the counter it greats me every morning and makes me smile. 

I will have to gather more containers. These will make great gifts. 
Hope your week is great. Joining some sweet friends. Di

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Week end Finds

This weekend I went around town and got some great ideas. I came home with a few goodies.  At Rose's Garden Shop, I looked at terrariums.  I want to make one for my countertop. Rose made this beautiful house a garden shop and upstairs her home.
  Then I spied this wonderful apothecary jar with a metal know how your heart goes pitter patter when you spy something!
   I loved it and wanted to take it home with me.  So I did!!
I found this sweet picture at my favorite sweet shop, The Pink House.   This print is from the 70's and I am a child of the 70's, so it went home with me for me. I am going to chalk paint the frame and put this in the craft room.  This picture reminds me of my 2 nieces. 

The next stop was at Renovation Station for a look at doors and metal.  At the Christmas flea, I bought a metal piece.  I should have gotten both but took only one.  So I was on the hunt for another piece.  While I was there I snapped some pictures of these great doors.
 I love the red one on the right.  That would make an awesome shelf or mounted with hooks.  Gee I should go back and get that!!

Wow, I found my other metal piece.  I am one lucky girl!
What a weekend.