Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Where Bloggers Create. My space

Every year I look forward to Karen's Where Bloggers Create event.

My journey to this craft room was part of my dream of Cottage Wishes. We moved into our Cottage last year. I am excited share my creating space with you all. 
 So step into my room. 
I also have it as a guest room and use every inch to create. I love sitting on the bed to gather ideas or use it to cut material. 
My desk is from a Victorian home in Asheville. It was a built in and torn out. I haven't changed a thing. I just cleaned it and loved it.   
I have my dream board above the desk. It is a crib spring!
As you can see I make myself comfy
Here are some things I am working on. I love to use mixed media. Susan Edmondson uses fabric and stitches to create beautiful landscapes. I am working on a winter scene. 
My other muse is Suzi Quifle at I am working on a fabric book from her E class

I really like the lamp my friend brought back from Round Top Texas
Near my desk is my cabinet of collected goodies. 
Each shelf holds found treasures 

Every space is used. In the suitcases are my fabrics. The red accordion chest has my threads, buttons and beads. 

Jeannie Oliver is my mentor for some of my favorite projects. I learn so much from her. These books were created from her E class. The one on the right was made 6 years ago when I first started my blog

In full disclosure, I have a very messy closet of supplies as well!
While I am at it, I also spill over into the official guest room 

The suitcases have my crafting supplies as well!
I feel like a princess in my room, my crown might be a little crooked but my heart is full of joy!!

Thank you for coming over. Now join the others in touring some creative spaces. 
Much love. Di


  1. Wow! I love how you combined guest room and art space! And that lamp your friend got you is a stunner! Love also how you displayed the crosses etc

  2. Delightful Art /Guest Room! Your desk is so neat! DARLING PICTURE OF YOU WITH YOUR CROWN!

  3. Congrats on your New Creative Space too, I also just moved in the past year and began from scratch Creating my Studio Spaces all over again, but in a different way since every Home has it's merits and challenges. Loving some of your Special Collections Vignettes, I see we like many of the same things to surround ourselves with. Thank you for sharing your Personal Sanctuary... Blessings from the Arizona Desert... Dawn... The Bohemian

  4. Your creative space is simply divine! I just love the old luggage :)

    Thanks so much for sharing and have a lovely Sunday. Hugs!

  5. Oh I love your creative space here. It reminds me of me. Love all your vintage collections and the color palette is my favorite. Thanks for sharing your great studio with us. I am wondering where that unusual wire in that framed photo collage came from. I have never seen that type before. Love and hugs to you

  6. We all have a messy corner that is in constant flux :) Love the cabinet of found treasures too! I love the coziness of this room and the crib bedspring reuse is perfect! Hugs!

  7. Diane,
    You have some amazing creations in your media books, dear one!
    My media of choice is paper with ribbon.
    Although, I mostly make handmade cards, I also, make hand stitched items for our annual Church Craft Fair Silent Auction for Missions!
    I love your desk and the two chairs!
    Your cabinet filled with "treasures" is so inspiring!
    You made me smile with the photo of the child in the crown!
    Thank you for sharing your creative space!

  8. I am loving all of the fabric books I am seeing. You have a creative bent and your space is great! Happy Creating wherever you sit! Cindy

  9. I enjoyed touring your cozy creative space. I love your vintage goodies.

  10. Oooo-la-la, such a pretty space. I love that found treasures cabinet. My artist space does double duty, too. Where there's a will, there's a way...and you've done it well.

  11. Hi Diane! I LOVE your space! That desk and the grain sack covered chairs made my heart swoon!!! Thank you so much for joining the party and inspiring us all!!

  12. Congratulations on your beautiful cottage space. It is certainly swoon worthy. Those grain sack chairs, that desk, the cabinet full of your collections and the lamp from Round Top are all gorgeous! I wish I had more room to just put out objects that I love or inspire me, I have too many supplies, and not enough space. I love many of the same people you mentioned, especially Jeanne Oliver. Your mixed media pieces are beautiful. Thank you for the tour!

  13. I love your lamp! I also like the idea of using suitcases to hold fabric!

  14. I love your lamp! I also like the idea of using suitcases to hold fabric!

  15. I love your lamp! I also like the idea of using suitcases to hold fabric!

  16. Hi Diane, what a delightful space, love how you combined craft and guest room into your awesome retreat!
    Enjoyed looking at all your treasures!
    Thanks for sharing!

  17. What a charming creative space!! And I love the creations that you have showcased!! Beautiful! Thannks so much for sharing!!

  18. wonderful space~thanks for sharing! I just signed up for Suzy's book class too-love her work and loved seeing what you were working on.

  19. This is such a lovely creative space! I love the two windows, the glass front cabinet, and the suitcases used for storage. It was fun to see how you displayed all of your treasures!

  20. Diane- your craft room is beautiful. I'm loving that wonderful window and all that natural light. You have beautiful treasures and they are displayed so wonderfully. It's organized and perfect. I'm so jealous!!
    Love these beautiful photos...


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