Thursday, September 15, 2016

Philly Travels and roads Travelled

Have you thought of the roads that have been travelled before you. The people that made the path for you. And the lives that have touched this earth before you?      

The cobblestone paths in Philadelphia touched my soul. It was girls trip to see my daughter in Philly, my nieces and sister went with me.
Liberty Bell and cuteness

My daughter walked us all over the town.  To end the day we went to one of the highest points and viewed the town.

The city in all it's glory

The next day we went to Valley Forge.  The history and wonder of fighting for the freedom to establish in the states was a good lesson for the kids.  We pondered as we walked the land about the weather they had to endure.  We thought of the turmoil in our world today and prayed for dedication to freeing all.

We also found time to ...

We spent time travelling the back roads of Lancaster and loved the culture and families we saw.

  I loved our time with the back roads, the family time and the thoughts of generations paving the way for us. 
The recent events and images from 911 made me sob this past week. They also paved the way fr their families, friends and people like you and me. I want to honor their story by continued deeds of story telling, prayer of hope and words of forefathers to value freedom.

Thank you for letting me share my thoughts, Di


  1. Diane, I do think about that sometimes. I also look around at the trees and the beautiful earth and wonder what it was like for those who were here long before us. I would have liked to see nature before so much of it was covered with progress.


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