Monday, February 20, 2017

Finding my creative voice

I had the great pleasure to take a class with Jeanne Oliver!  I travelled to Huntersville to Donna Downey's studio.

Oh my goodness what a pleasure to meet this lady.  I felt like I already knew her from her on line classes and blog.  I wanted to take a real life personal class from her.  And I did.

I can report she is real and she talks and acts just like she does on line.  I can say I learned so much and love her style, her sweet voice and her joyful personality!!

Okay, on to the fun we had.  I met so many wonderful ladies, 20 in our class.  No one, not one, of us brought negative energy into class.  Everyone was caring and helpful.  We laughed and yes, we cried.  But oh boy did we create.
 A collaboration pice our class did
 Jeanne's pieces
 Hope, it's what gets us there
I had the best class ever
On to creating. Di


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