Saturday, March 18, 2017

Fabric fun

I have been wanting a brush holder ever since I saw the ones created by Jeanne Oliver. Hers are made from vintage European grain sacks.  I love fabric, linen grain sacks and vintage curtains. I seem drawn to fabric when I am out and about.

Recent trip to Fletcher NC I found a roll of beautiful Maltese fabric for $19. I just old the leave it there. So I dug thru my fabrics and picked some favorites. Then, I surfed Pinterest and found a great tutorial. 

I followed the directions and started sewing. It became addictive. Each holder became my favorite. I made one for my nieces birthday present and she loved it. We can't wait to have a painting day.

I love toile and my favorite combo blue and white 
Even my brushes for painting with the chalk paints have their own folder made from a grain sack and vintage fabric 
 It even has that bit of rust (or is that dirt) .

I can't wait to try my next project!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Uncommon Hearts

I found a wonderful old, falling apart crazy quilt.  I couldn't leave it lying in the estate sale.  It was asking me to take it home.

Ok, I would be glad to have you in my safe arms.  The lady checking me out said, I hope you don't cut it up.  Did she read my mind?  Because it was ragged, the silk shredding.  I told her I have great plans for her.  Wouldn't it be better to share her with people than her being thrown away.

I feel so connected to the ladies that put these stiches in this fabric.  I wanted to create something special, so those hours, skills and special get togethers to create were not wasted.

When we got home she sat waiting for new life.  Then I remembered my great teacher, Susan Edmondson, made wonderful necklaces with her stiching.

So me and miss quilt had a date.  I started my series of "Uncommon Hearts" for a Common World.