Sunday, June 11, 2017

Favorite pieces

It has been 2 years since we moved to our new home.  When we downsized I did let go of many pieces.  I have so many special pieces in my home.  This truly has been my cottage wish come true. 

The way you style your home with your favorite furniture or accessories makes a statement that reflect you.  I grew up in Florida and anything to do with the water warms my heart.
I grew up with vintage furniture and seem to gravitate to unique pieces.  One of the pieces I use in different rooms and like to dress up is a antique cabinet.  I found this wonderful piece in Lakeland at Victoria's Warehouse.  Victoria gets crates of great furniture and finds from France.  You know, everything is better from France!!

This piece has a marble top and is accented with gold embellishments.  I have used it in the family room between chairs or as an accent piece as seen in this picture.  These wicker Charis were my aunts and I remember sitting in them, talking about family.
Accent pieces help make a statement.  It's even better when the pieces evoke a memory.  This sweet white pitcher is from my home town and was another family piece.  I walked around that lake many a day.

Back to the French cabinet...after or move to our smaller house, I have tried that piece in all my spaces.

I was on a mission to find the spot for my cabinet. It ended up by the counter top bar. 

What pieces do you move around?  di