Saturday, March 9, 2019

Oh Venice

 Oh Venice, My Heart still sings for you...Hubby I went there 5 years ago and I still dream of going back.  I am going to share some sights from there.

 I just found images that kept filling me with joy, the color are just my style

The brick, stucco, plaster, balconys are calling to me
The carvings are so beautiful, the amount of work and art that went into these just fill me with joy!

I even found a window with beautiful curtains

The sights and sounds in Venice still make me smile!  So many images and unique architectural accents
The entry ways are so fun and inviting...

  The walls even had faces!!

 The iron work was fantastic

Oh Momma Mia I just love Venice!

Next off to Florence

Just some musings on a Saturday night....Di